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My view from my roof

You’re roof is really close to heaven

I wish Polaroid film was fucking 30$$$$$

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I consider my digital camera as a motion picture tool. I hate taking stills with it… I always end up with 10+ shots of the same thing, it involves a selection and an edit most of the time. On top of that, it makes you look like a photographer to show them and I’m not. When you are on a trip or holidays and want to capture a moment, a film camera is perfect to me. You take one shot, and that’s it. It’s modest, true and and if it’s blurry, it tells about the moment too. The natural colors of a film are great, and I’m always excited when I pick up my scans I feel like it’s christmas. These next frames are a sneak peek of my last film process, shot in the Yukon Territories, Canada, a few months ago.This sunset was shot during the solstice in the heights of Dawson city. It was past midnight.


~Don’t worry 🐝 happy~
I have been eyeing these babies for C wonder for the longest time. I went into their store the other day and almost couldn’t help myself! The only thing that stopped me from buying these gems was the fact that there is about a foot of snow on the ground right now! But when spring comes I will surely BEE adding these to my closet